1 in 3 children in the UK do not own a book

42% of children in the USA do not have a book at home

Almost 1 billion people entered the 21st Century unable to read

We believe that access to books is not only a valuable source of pleasure, learning and discovery, but a basic human right.

WriteUnite's books are a celebration of words, thoughts and feelings - everything that makes books special. By publishing contributions from a diverse group of young people, our books also show that even when separated by distance or circumstance, children share a united voice: one that has big opinions, big ambition and big hopes.  

Our first book invited children to dream of The Perfect World and featured over 700 entries written or drawn by youngsters aged 4-18 from every continent on the planet. Honest, optimistic and thought-provoking, The Perfect World was bought, read and enjoyed by schools, families and leaders all over the world. 

Our second book, I Believe I Can… features over 1400 entries from students in over 25 countries and in 12 different languages. It was published in March 2016.

We make our books easily available to buy to schools and parents through a simple ordering facility, and available to the general public through online book retailers. We also give our books away for free to those who may not have access to books otherwise. 

Profits from book sales have allowed WriteUnite to distribute school kits to Kenya and to France. These kits provide vital resources that help children to access education and learn the valuable skills that will open up a world of writing and learning. 

WriteUnite books create the perfect circle: we publish children’s voices to allow more children to read, write and find their own.