We hope WriteUnite will inspire more young people to create, think, hope and dream, and give more children the chance to learn essential skills and develop their own life-changing love of books and writing. We believe this simple, powerful vision takes us one step closer to a world where every young person can look forward to their future.

WriteUnite is a Monaco-registered non-profit that publishes beautiful books of young people's thoughts, expressed in words and pictures. 

Submissions are sourced from around the world and draw on a diverse range of locations and circumstances, with help from teachers, parents and community leaders. 

Based on a theme, each book is published and sold commercially; drawing attention to the young voices of the world as well as raising money. Every submission is included and published in the language it was written in to make a book that speaks to all countries and cultures. All profits from book sales and donations to the charity are then used to buy and supply school kits that give students the resources they need to access education and learn to read and write. 

By uniting young people through a love of books and writing, we hope to show everyone that every young person has a voice and something important to say. Our books are read all around the world and gifted to schools who take part, as well as given out in places where books may be scarce.