Omara Elling-Hwang, Founder

"I have always loved reading and writing and cannot imagine what it must be like to not have access to any books at all. I would like to take the beauty of everyone's stories and art to highlight the common ground we all share, no matter where we come from"

Omara Elling-Hwang is a recent graduate with a degree in Politics & International Relations with Philosophy and Economics but, unlike most other university students, Omara combined study with the unusual, added identity of running her own charity. 

Omara started WriteUnite at just 16 years old, dedicating all her spare time and school holidays to achieving her dream - to unite young people around the world through books and writing. 

Coming up with the idea of a book of powerful young voices, Omara founded WriteUnite to give young people a platform to talk about things that matter to them. Through WriteUnite books, Omara hopes to show the world that even though we may live in different places or under different circumstances, we all share the capacity to imagine, dream big and hope for a better world. 

By raising money through book sales to buy school kits, Omara and her charity are making it possible for more children around the world to go to school and develop the skills to read, write and express themselves. It is these skills that will empower a new generation to change their communities and their futures for the better. 

Leila Elling, Board Member

Leila is an entrepreneur with many decades of professional experience in corporate communications.

She is currently involved in a new venture to manufacture and build modular prefabricated housing that could ultimately provide safe shelter and housing to displaced people worldwide. 

Christopher Theo, Board Member

Christopher is an international lawyer who combines case law with a deep love of creative writing. A writer of screenplays, Christopher's first story has been made into film, and he's now busily writing a sci-fi adventure. 

Christopher passionately believes that the written word is a vital carrier of thoughts, emotions and ideas, and an art form that every child should get to participate in.